December 2016


Kim CK, Park JJ, Park BK. (biho/ktg)
The gadolinium-based contrast agent goes along well with apparent diffusion coefficients
The gadolinium-based contrast agent Gadovist® does not disturb the signals generated during diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI). Post-contrast DWI evaluations within multiparametric MRI are as reliable as pre-contrast DWI assessments in prostate cancer.
Katzman GL, Paushter DM. (biho/ktg)
Quality does not happen by accident
An US-American report proves that implementing a total quality management (TQM) is of high use for quality improvement in radiologic departments.
Hung AH, Lilley LM, Hu F, Harrison VS, Meade TJ. (biho/ktg)
Molecular imaging makes contrast agents shine
Mathematical modeling and laboratory tests demonstrate how contrast agents may detect diseases more specifically than ever before. Their relaxivity and binding status can be depicted by a change of color on the screen.
Heilmaier C, Zuber N, Bruijns B, Weishaupt D. (anho/ktg)
The impact of real-time monitoring on radiation dose
Real-time monitoring of radiation doses increases radiation dose awareness among radiologic staff and leads to less dose notifications due to human errors
Moschetta M, Telegrafo M, Rella L, Stabile Ianora AA, Angelelli G. (biho/ktg)
MRI for breast cancer screening
The diagnostic accuracy of an abbreviated MRI protocol does not differ from a standard MRI protocol. Moreover, acquisition and interpretation time is shorter. This makes MRI attractive for screening programs.
Takahashi EA, Kohli MD, Teague SD. (anho/ktg)
Decrease the dose with iDose4
The iterative reconstruction algorithm iDose4 allows substantial radiation dose reduction in thoracic CT without affecting image quality.
Miao H, Li J, Hu S, He X, Partridge SC, Ren J, Bian Y, Yu Y, Qiu B. (anho/ktg)
Chemotherapy affects brain function
A retrospective study showed a correlation between functional connectivity of the anterior cingulate cortex and the executive function in chemotherapy-treated breast cancer patients.
Heacock L, Melsaether AN, Heller SL, Gao Y, Pysarenko KM, Babb JS, Kim SG, Moy L. (anho/ktg)
Brevity is the soul of wit
An abbreviated MRI protocol significantly reduces breast MRI acquisition and interpretation time compared to a standard protocol. No considerable impact on cancer detection rates is observed.
Lee DH, Lee JM, Hur BY, Joo I, Yi NJ, Suh KS, Kang KW, Han JK. (zou/ktg)
PET/MRI has high prognostic value for detecting liver metastas
Compared to multidetector CT or PET, the detection of colorectal cancer liver metastases (CRLMs) by PET/MR imaging using a liver-specific contrast agent provides a significantly higher diagnostic performance. Metabolic data further adds prognostic information regarding recurrence-free survival after neoadjuvant chemotherapy and hepatic resection.
Sensakovic WF, Flores M, Hough M. (zou/ktg)
Nuclear medicine technologists and physicians may not meet new dose limits
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has proposed regulatory changes of occupational dose limits. This will cause a small increase in the number of workers who exceed administrative control levels (ACLs) and limits. Especially physicians and pregnant nuclear medicine workers may need to alter their workload.
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