August 2016


Li Z et al. (Anho/ktg)
Pharmacokinetics change with fibrosis
A Chinese study has validated dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI derived pharmacokinetic parameters for liver fibrosis staging in rabbits.
Sheng AY, Castro A, Lewiss RE. (anho/ktg)
Radiologists don’t know ACR Appropriateness Criteria
Undergraduate, graduate medical students and residents have low awareness of the Appropriateness Criteria and their implementation into clinical practice. Educational events help to increase knowledge.
Blystad I, Håkansson I, Tisell A, Ernerudh J, Smedby Ö, Lundberg P, Larsson EM. (biho/ktg)
Gadolinium contrast is convincing
A prospective study shows that a new quantifying MRI sequence cannot compete with gadolinium-based contrast-enhanced MRI in detecting multiple sclerotic lesions in the central nervous system.
Braunagel M, Helck A, Wagner A, Schupp N, Bröcker V, Reiser M, Notohamiprodjo M, Meiser B, Habicht A. (anho/ktg)
Imaging assesses acute kidney injury in mice
Dynamic contrast-enhanced CT allows depicting acute kidney injury in a murine model. Imaging results mirror histologically assessed cell damage.
Gruber S, Minarikova L, Pinker K, Zaric O, Chmelik M, Strasser B, Baltzer P, Helbich T, Trattnig S, Bogner W. (zou/ktg)
Higher resolution of breast tumors with DWI at 7 tesla
Diffusion weighted imaging (DW-MRI) at ultra-high field strength (7 T) results in a 2.4-fold higher spatial resolution, high diagnostic accuracy and 22 % lower apparent diffusion coefficients (ADC) of malignant breast lesions compared to DW-MRI at 3 T.
Zhang L, Tang M, Min Z, Lu J, Lei X, Zhang X. (biho/ktg)
Making breast cancer detection more accurate
Breast cancer detection is more accurate with combined dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and diffusion-weighted imaging than with DCE-MRI or DWI alone.
Soo MS, Jarosz JA, Wren AA, Soo AE, Mowery YM, Johnson KS, Yoon SC, Kim C, Hwang ES, Keefe FJ, Shelby RA. (zou/ktg)
Meditation and music help patients during imaging-guided breast biopsy
Listening to music or guided meditation during core-needle breast biopsy (CNBB) decreases patient anxiety more than only supportive talk from the medical team. Listening to guided meditation also significantly reduces pain during biopsy.
Raman MR, Schwarz CG, Murray ME, Lowe VJ, Dickson DW, Jack CR Jr, Kantarci K. (biho/ktg)
Mapping Alzheimer’s Disease
An MRI atlas based on postmortem histopathological findings in defined brain regions of Alzheimer’s Disease patients would facilitate research for imaging markers of the disease.
Nicola R et al. (Anho/ktg)
All you need to know about contrast agent extravasation
This overview on extravasation prevention, its symptoms and possible treatment options helps radiologists to minimize serious consequences for affected patients.
Gupta RT (biho/ktg)
Focus on the prostate
T2-weighted imaging is one of the key components of multiparametric MRI for prostate cancer detection. The sequence may also add valuable information for classification.
Kihira S, Kagen AC, Vasudevan P, Jajamovich GH, Schiano TD, Andrle AF, Babb JS, Fischman A, Taouli B. (biho/ktg)
Portal hypertension score
A newly developed score to measure portal hypertension might replace the costly and time-consuming invasive techniques.
Gutzeit A et al. (biho/ktg)
Breathe in, breathe out and stop breathing
Less artefacts and improved arterial-phase images can be achieved by carefully following newly developed breathing commands during Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced MRI.
Joo I et al. (biho/ktg)
Be aware of atypical features and apply LI-RADS v2014
LI-RADS v2014 and atypical appearances in the hepatobiliary phase of Primovist®-enhanced MRI show the way to correct identification of intrahepatic mass-forming cholangiocarcinomas.
Hendriks BM et al. (anho/ktg)
Iodine individualization at its best
Individualized body-weight dependent iopromide administration allows contrast media reduction. The diagnostic quality of images is similar or even better compared to fixed protocols.
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