July 2016


Barnard SGR et al. (zou/ktg)
New dose limits for eye lens radiation exposure
An increasing number of human studies demonstrate that radiation doses of less than 2 Gy can induce cataracts. As a consequence, new radiation dose limits have been incorporated into the current European basic safety standard (BSS). They must be implemented in all EU member states until February 2018.
Chen B et al.(zou/ktg)
Minimizing radiation exposure during CT scans
A case study shows how radiation dose can be reduced during CT scans of the lumbar spine: The revision of standard protocols and special training for technologists to feed maximum dose limitations to the scanner result in remarkable decreases of radiation exposure without sacrificing quality.
Othman AE et al. (zou/ktg)
150 seconds for MRI Prostate Sampling
A minimum sampling duration of 150 seconds ensures high diagnostic accuracy for the discrimination of benign and malignant prostate tissue.
Sikka A et al. (zou/ktg)
Treating allergic reactions to iodinated contrast agents in pregnant women
A review shows how allergic reactions to iodinated contrast material in pregnant woman are treated optimally: Evaluation and treatment should initially start similar to a non-pregnant adult. However, important modifications need to be made to maintain the blood pressure in order to ensure placental perfusion.
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