June 2016


Honda E et al. (anho/ktg)
Four parameters to automatically distinguish between malignant and benign breast lesions
The combination of imaging features of breast masses and changes in signal intensity allows accurate automated classification of breast lesions.
Bahadori A et al. (Biho/ktg)
High-speed determination of organ doses
A new automated method provides accurate organ dose estimations for CT examinations within seconds.
Kaasalainen T et al. (biho/ktg)
Pacemakers and artifacts
Artifacts produced by pacemakers during cardiac MRI might decline with frequency-scout acquisition prior to imaging.
O'Connell TW, Patlas MN. (biho/ktg)
We have the tools, we have the talent
Radiologists are no longer doomed to stay in their reading rooms. The use of mobile devices for interpretation of images could help radiologists to center themselves between clinicians and patients.
Gunderman RB, Moneva D. (kf/ktg)
Pimp up your professional life
Genuine occasions for celebrations during the daily clinical routine increase the happiness of radiologists and their professional success, finds a US study.
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