February 2016


Bitencourt AGV et al. (biho/ktg)
MRI for preoperative staging of breast cancer subtypes
Tumor size determined on MR images correlates with the pathologically determined size in some histological and molecular breast cancer subtypes.
Anupindi SA. et al. (biho/ktg)
Pediatric cancer screening
Whole-body MRI can be used as a preventive tumor screening method for children with heritable cancer predispositions.
Bosma SM et al. (biho/ktg)
Data on breast abscess management
A retrospective study shows that one fifth of the patients presenting in the emergency department with breast abscesses miss being scheduled for necessary follow-up examinations.
Chou CP et al. (biho/ktg)
Superior to digital mammography
State-of-the-art contrast-enhanced imaging methods show a higher diagnostic accuracy than standard 2D or 3D mammography, reveals a prospective study.
Scheenen TW. et al. (biho/ktg)
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Prostate Cancer Management
Recent technical developments have strengthened the important role of multiparametric MRI for prostate cancer management. However, the challenge of standardized protocols remains.
Sachs PB, Long G (biho/ktg)
Optimizing workflows with electronic health records
A radiologist and an IT expert describe the effective implementation of an electronic health record at one single institution and in a broader setting. Teams of experts were formed to handle and overcome initial and emerging problems.
Narayan A et al. (biho/ktg)
Measuring value-based service in radiology
Harvard and Johns Hopkins radiologists classified quality metrics used in radiology. They recommend defining new outcome metrics that directly relate diagnostic performance to patient outcome.
Rose TA, Choi JW (biho/ktg)
Keep an eye on adverse reactions
Radiologists should be aware of potential adverse reactions, patients at risk and treatment options in order to reduce the risk of contrast-induced adverse reactions.
Joo I et al. (biho/ktg)
Hepatobiliary agents and "washout"
A Korean study investigated the diagnostic value of lesion hypointensity in gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI. The enhancement pattern in the portal venous phase is an additional diagnostic criterion for malignancy.
Li W et al. (biho/ktg)
Pelvic CT: Lower dose and good image quality
A Chinese study shows that good image quality and lower radiation dose go hand in hand when applying iterative image reconstruction in pelvic CT.
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